Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First snowfall

Just so you know, I have been hearing for MONTHS (since April, when we found out that we were moving to SD) that I have no idea what winters are like because I have never lived in South Dakota. I am going to be miserable, I was told, and suffer greatly under piles of snow, through whipping wind, and sub-zero temperatures. With mild temperatures and basically no precipitation since September, I have been sorely disappointed in my first arctic experience thus far. Never mind that I come from Michigan, a state that also has harsh winter weather...I am going to stop there. Not stepping into that argument. :)

Anyway, I have been craving the first snowfall and we finally got some of the white stuff! Not much, just enough to cover the grass, but it was pretty to watch as it fell and it makes all of the dead stuff outside look so much nicer (the perfect snowfall in my opinion). It also gave my husband the opportunity to take Timothy out for his first ride, a fatherly duty he was looking forward to. Timothy really enjoyed the first two minutes, and then had enough. :) Maybe he will last a little longer the next time. They finished up by investigating the bird feeder.

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