Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Birthday!

How can I be a mother of a one year old already?!?!

I can hardly believe it, but just one year ago, we met Timothy:

Unfortunately for my son, he got his one year old check-up on his birthday, shots and all. He is 19 lbs and 28.5 inches. That puts him in the fifth percentile for weight, thirteenth percentile for height, and 28% weight for length. His doctor and parents couldn't be happier. With the MMR and chickenpox vaccines today, he is nearing the end of the vaccine cycle, which makes all of us very happy. We had the foresight to plan his appointment in the early afternoon, so after the shots were done, we went home and he had a nice nap. After a good 2 hours, he was ready to go!

He is standing at our coffee table and playing with toys for several minutes at a time, spending lots of time on his belly, lifting himself up off the floor, and scooting backwards. Whenever he tries to go forward, he smacks his forehead into the ground because he hasn't figured out how to get the arms moving, but he is so close! He much prefers walking around with help, especially at church when all the old ladies coo at him and he can flirt as he goes. :)

He got to open his present from Jared and I today and had more fun with the paper than anything else. More pics are in the picasa page. Many more to come with his party on Saturday!

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