Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Project

Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of things that I need to get done (like mop the kitchen floor), but for a couple of blissful hours on Saturday afternoon, I got to pull out my sewing machine and play with a new pattern. One of my mom's friends mentioned that she had a pattern for a boppy cover and would be willing to lend it to me. I was so excited! After looking at the pattern, I figured out that I could use some of the receiving blankets that I have gotten at showers already for the fabric. (We have gotten 20 so far, so I figured that I could spare a couple for a baby project) Unfortunately, the regular size receiving blankets are too small by about two inches (although my cover is a little big, so I still may be able to do it), but I had a set of four, Noah's ark blankets that were just perfect. I am so happy with how the first one came out!

I have never done piping before, but was surprised on how easy it was, although the inside curves were challenging. I didn't even use a zipper foot, because I don't have one, but was still able to sew right along my hemline. Hopefully I didn't mess up the alignment of my sewing machine in the process. :)

I have the second one cut and ready to go, piping pinned onto the front of the top piece, but I broke my last sewing machine needle on the very last stitch of the first cover, so it will have to wait the week until I have a chance to go and buy another pack of needles and maybe a zipper foot too.

I feel as I should give an update on Jared...he is somewhere amongst his books. He spent the entire weekend studying, with a break for a quick picnic in the park with wonderful friends, and is still studying as I am writing. He really enjoys it though, so don't think that he is being tortured. :)

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  1. Very cute! I hate breaking that last needle...