Monday, May 31, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been busy for both of us. 8th grade graduation, Confirmation, the end of the school year, picking strawberries, and parents visiting have been a few highlights. So far, the pregnancy has been going well. I had an appointment a couple of weeks ago that was normal, although I am on antibiotics for an infection, and I have one coming up on Wednesday. I think it will be the last appointment with our family practitioner as we transition our lives to St. Louis. The nausea and bloating have decreased significantly, thankfully, and I have moved into maternity pants as I now have nothing that fits.

Back to the reason for the title, we went strawberry picking on Saturday. It was a hot morning, but it was so much fun! We were taken by golf cart out to our rows and really only made it a third of the way down before our box was full. We could have easily picked more, but wisely stopped, because we had picked over 12 pounds! After a quick trip to the grocery store, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, hulling, freezing, and making jam. We enjoyed eating them throughout the process and all over angel food cake that night. Jared grabbed a few pictures with his phone (we have a bad habit of forgetting the camera) and those are posted. Its the first peak of "the belly," although I think most of it can be attributed to bloating.

Mom and Dad Hintz came for the weekend and we spent Sunday touring Abraham Lincoln's neighborhood (no pictures due to lack of camera). Today, we went to New Salem, the Lincoln tomb, the Lincoln museum, and walked around downtown Springfield (pictures are on picasa). Whew...after a dinner of brats and beans, we all have our feet up and enjoying game 2 of the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, Detroit and all Canadian teams have been eliminated, so we have to resort to cheer for (gulp) Chicago.

Another post will be coming soon...tomorrow I have an interview for a job in St. Louis and then back to the doctor's for another appointment on Wednesday!

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