Thursday, May 13, 2010

busy weekend and first pictures

This past weekend we had a wonderful time visiting Jared's parents and family. The three days of time spent in South Dakota were well worth the 18 hour drive on Friday and Tuesday, but I think its going to take until the weekend to fully recover from traveling. We had the opportunity to see Jason graduate from college, Eli welcomed into the family of God through Baptism (yay for being godparents!), and the first glimpses of our baby. Thanks to Jared's brother Eric, who sits on the board for the local pregnancy center, we were able to stop in and get an ultrasound! It was truly awesome to see an actual image of our child, bouncing around with a furiously beating heart. According to Jodi, the nurse who did the ultrasound, they also have an impressive yolk sac and umbilical cord, so I guess at this point all is well. I also ventured into the world of maternity clothes with my mother-in-law and was pleasantly surprised to find several things that fit well and are COMFORTABLE. :)

For all of you looking for more pictures, look to the right, above our picture, and you'll see a link to our Picasa site that will have more pictures. Right now, there is an album dedicated to our wonderful (though sometimes pain-in-our-rears) pets and then one of the ultrasound pictures. Check here for more pics in the coming days. I am not really comfortable posting a ton of pictures on facebook...i seem to have more control on picasa. We also have important family members, such as the future grandparents, who do not have facebook and they of all people need access to pictures of the newest member. Someday there may be a password required, but for now, check them out. We may or may not have pictures of "the belly" as it progressively gets larger; I have to decide if I really want to bear it for all to see. Thats it for now, its naptime with Oscar and probably Tigger too.

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