Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Marmalade Making

Once upon a time, we moved in the middle of winter and the boxes of canned goods froze on the moving truck, thawed upon arrival, and then mostly tossed because the contents separated into gross, watery textures.  Sigh.

This summer has been filled with the usual canning of garden produce and berries from the area and we have been blessed with eating lots of those goodies now.  When the 4H groups were going around selling fruit this fall, I planned for some new canning experiences.  After Christmas, I hopped online to find a good recipe for citrus and came upon a mastery challenge at Food in Jars!  January is marmalade month and I like a good quilt along, so a preserving challenge?  Sounds good to me! :)

I tried my hand at the Three Citrus Marmalade:

New techniques for me included zesting entire fruits and then processing all of that fruit down to remove the pith and membranes inside.  But overall, not too bad of a process.  The hardest part was watching the thermometer creeping up, waiting for the magical mark of 220F.

Finished product!  The left jars are the first batch and you can see I got the peels to suspend in the syrup a little better (it is also a little more set), but I am really happy with the result.  We enjoyed orange chicken to celebrate and it is also amazing in oatmeal.  Also canned that day, the box of pears that I ordered along with the citrus. Cinnamon Pear Jam and Pear Cranberry Jam, both from Food in Jars as well, are old favorites that all four of us enjoy.

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