Thursday, May 21, 2015

Butterfly Friends

After receiving a butterfly kit from his cousin for Christmas, Timmy finally got caterpillars in the mail.  Every time he saw the box in the closet he wanted to get his "new friends" and I had to explain that we needed to wait until the snow melted and the air warmed.  The only hiccup in the process was the holdup in the mail; he had to watch an extra couple of days before they eventually got to our house.  We had great fun watching them grow and eventually hang from the lid.

We transferred them to the netted cage and waited...

And welcomed 4 of the 5 butterflies into our yard yesterday (one is still hanging in their chrysalis).  These are Painted Lady butterflies that come with the kit.  I couldn't get a picture through the netting, but Timmy really enjoyed watching their "tongues" unroll and drink from the orange slice we fed them.

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