Saturday, August 16, 2014

Butterfly Report

If you recall, from the last post, we started with 7 cocoons.

1 and 2 didn't make it out of a gatorade bottle and died.  Oops.

Number 3 was pictured in the last post.

Here is Number 4:

Here is Number 5:  (CRAWLY!)

Here is Number 6:  (STRIPEY!)

5 and 6 were the two that we had on our dill in the yard.  1-4 and 7 are from a lady at church.  Number 7 is still cooking in his/her cocoon.  We go camping soon, so hopefully he/she decides to hatch soon!  Timothy and I looked up Black Swallowtail Butterflies and learned some more about them.  They love dill and parsley (all these were on the dill) and you can tell what gender they are by how much blue is on their tail.  So look at the last picture above; do you see how little blue there is?  It is because Stripey (#6) is a boy.  The rest of them are girls.  Now you learned your one thing for the day.  :)

As soon as #7 hatches, we'll have one last update!

UPDATE:  Number 7 hatched on Sunday and was a boy!  However, he was anxious to get on his way and as soon as we got him on the flower, he zoomed off, between rain drops.  So no picture, but all of our babies are gone.  :)

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