Monday, April 22, 2013


Playing inside.  


It is a good thing that I found this piece of fencing in the closet to add to the barnyard.  My mother-in-law (aka the garage-sale-best-deal-finder-queen) saw it when Timothy was still a baby and snatched it for an incredible deal I am sure.  It helps that she was a preschool teacher and mother of 3 boys.  She sees the potential for play in lots of things.  :)  Anyway, Timothy has been busy corralling his animals and himself in his barnyard.  I find it amazing that when we gave him the fence, he knew exactly what it was and how to use it.  He has a problem with his pigs escaping though; they are always knocking down the fence and climbing in the toolbox.  They always get a good, "No, NO!" and a timeout in the barn.  :)  He also will move a section open and closed like a gate for his tractor to come and go.  

Here is why we are playing inside.  This is the 3rd snowfall since we got our early veggies in the ground.  Thankfully, it hasn't been super cold, just snowy.  We are hoping the wind calms for a little bit so we can play in it a little later.  It is supposed to be 70 degrees by the weekend.  One can dream...

Happy Monday!

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