Sunday, January 2, 2011

The coming week...

So, things are not really improving with the eating here. Timothy will take more of his feeding by bottle and that gets us really excited, but in the big picture, he is only taking at the most half of what he should be right now.

We have decided, after consulting with all of our doctors, that putting a feeding tube into his belly is the best option for Timothy right now. This way he can get the feeding tube in his nose removed (which can be irritating for babies), he can nipple as much as he can and then we can still get the rest of his food into him so he thrives, and he can come home! His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday and without any other issues, he should be home by the weekend. We are so excited!

He is also going to be baptized Monday (tomorrow) here at the hospital because we have been waiting too long as it is. In a couple of weeks, after we are settled at home, he will be recognized at church and all of the family will be here. I just thank God that he is so young and hopefully this will all be resolved before he has any memory of the tests and procedures.

Here are a few pictures of Timothy right after he was born, taken by the Bella Baby photographer. So cute! :)

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  1. Hi guys, Great photos and I wanted to tell you
    we're so glad you're all home together! Glad for
    all the excellent care Timothy received.

    lots of love
    kim and thom